Remote Excel Sheet Validation

#Remote Excel Sheet Validation

Are you using Excel spreadsheets? And are these used for GxP activities? Are these Excel sheets used again and again, as a template? Ever thought about validating such templates? Is the person who built your spreadsheet a genius with Excel, but doesn’t know how to validate? Want to use spreadsheet templates but validation issues are holding you back?

We invite companies who are looking for an efficient way to validate their Excel sheets in an optimal way. You provide the necessary information and we'll provide you with a compliant sheet.

What we need:

  • Fill out copy of our take-in form (template)
  • Excel spreadsheet to be validated (if it already exists)
  • User requirements (when we build it)? 

What we deliver:

  • Sharepoint to collaborate
  • Developed or modified Spreadsheet
  • Necessary documentation including:
    • Validation Plan
    • Risk Assessment
    • Specifications
    • IOQ Protocol
    • Traceability Matrix
    • Validation Report
  • IOQ Protocol Execution
    • On our own virtual systems using the same Excel version (2010 / 2013 / 2016 supported), without any references to other files
    • Via remote access using the same Excel version

Interested? Contact us now.

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